30 September 2020 – ATELIER NEERLANDAIS

The Girl and the Machine resurfaces in Paris as an example of a brand that works with the modular white label collection developed in collaboration with New Industrial Order. The (Covid-proof) showroom can be visited by appointment from September 20 to October 2nd. Location: Atelier Neerlandais, 121 Rue de Lille, Paris. Opening hours 10.00 - 17.00.


The Girl and the Machine joins New Industrial Order, a collective of artists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs working together to build a new fashion system around what people really need.
N.I.O. calls on the fashion industry to "join the next generation: stop the waste but keep the fashion.".

Read all about it soon on


WORTH Partnership Project supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop design-driven and innovative products. We submitted a project proposal in collaboration with a Belgian fellow startup to merge our technologies into one digital fashion-on-demand process which includes a virtual fitting solution. We have presented our idea at the Worth Weekend in Valencia and got selected! We receive a 10.000 euro grant to explore and demonstrate how our creative technology could work online.

21 December 2018 – CLIMATE-KIC STAGE 2

After 3 months of intense business training, The Girl and the Machine has to accepted in stage 2 of EIT Climate-KIC. What a boost! Not only are our vision and approach appreciated by Delft engineers with the future of Europe on their minds, we also receive a second round of subsidy. However, the most valuable is the prospect of another six months of start-up class by the amazing Climate KIC coaches!

4 December 2018 – PRODUCTION IN FEBRUARY / MARCH 2019

The Kickstarter campaign raised 18.300 euro of pre-orders in 30 days. Not bad! But we didn’t make our 30.000 euro target.  The target was so high because the programming of our Knitcode is still quite time consuming. A larger investment allows us not only to ‘print’ the orders but also to prepare our process for scale-up. This is why we continue to collect pre-orders and look for additional financing to proceed with the February / March 2019 production round as planned. For information and pre-orders: e-mail us at

20 Oktober 2018 – KICKSTARTER LIVE

Our Digital Tailoring system is ready for a new productie round! We need 200 pre-orders to set it all up and to reach potential customers we started a KICKSTARTER campaign. Below a glimpse of the options from our modulair collection.

11 October 2018 – CLIMATE-KIC – DELFT

After two days of startup bootcamp, The Girl and the Machine is selected for Climate KIC! EIT Climate-KIC is a European network to realize climate and economic impact by accelerating cleantech start-ups, developing innovation projects and excite young people with entrepreneurial thinking. Climate-KIC is funded by the European Institute of Technology.

28 September 2018 – TRANOI – PARIS

As part of the Dutch innovative fashion collective We Are Muze we will show our modular collection at Tranoi, Paris, from September 28th to October 1st.

Dress: The Girl and the Machine Photography & Art Direction: Cheryl Schurgers Model: Sanne Hofste Represented by: Future Faces Model Management Hair & Makeup Artist: Marsha Calori Studio Assistant: Renee Hulsman


April 17 to 22, 2018, The Girl and the Machine presents her new 3D knitwear on demand collection ‘The Code of Knitwear’ at the Masterly Exhibition in Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milan! Check out our press release

Palazzo Francesco Turati, location of the ‘Masterly’ exhibition during Salone del Mobile

11 January 2018 – AXIS MAGAZINE

A telephone call from Japan! Leading Japanese design magazine AXIS has visited Dutch Design Week. Journalist Kyoko Nakajima says she’s doing six pages on Dutch Designers: one is Daan Roosegaarde and the other is The Girl and the Machine! Some quotes from the interview with Rosanne: ‘…data will become the core of business for future fashion designers” and “If knitting machines are networked, the item can be delivered to customers throughout the world, even if the data is unique.”

20 October 2017 – RADIUS @ DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2017

A year since our first presentation of 3D knitwear at Dutch Design Week 2016, The Girl and the Machine is back in Eindhoven! Right in the middle of preparing our proper fashion-tech startup, we were invited by Radius to be part of their selection of “high tech startups that are disruptive in a good way”.
A great opportunity to share our adventure with the DDW audience. We will be looking for investors, partners and potential customers – yes, we are preparing to take new orders soon! Dutch Design Week 2017

1 August 2017 – FASHION FOR GOOD

The newest member of the Fashion for Good community: The Girl and the Machine!
From this fabulous work place at Rokin 102 in Amsterdam, we will continue to turn the fashion supply chain upside down with our Knitwear-on-demand concept. Ultra Personalized Products for all!


All right, so, what does the real world look like? What does the industry that dresses billions of people all across the globe have to say about the future of fashion – and has it ever considered knitwear as a solution? The Girl and the Machine was excited to be selected from over 200 sustainable fashion startups to pitch at the Plug & Play Fashion-Tech Accelerator Selection Day, with 18 other startups from all over the world. Although we weren’t selected for the final 10, we did get to speak to the likes of Gucci, H&M Group, Kering Group, C&A Foundation, Group Lafayette and lots of other possibly influential people…

15 June 2017 – IMPACT HUB

We wanted to learn how to go from design experiment to a business case, not only with good intentions, but with true impact at the core of the plan. So when asked to join the Impact Hub Business Model Challenge in March 2017, we gladly accepted. And guess what: we won!

8 June 2017 – KNIT-O-MAT

Meanwhile, our lobby for a 3D knitting lab in the Netherlands is not silent. For an initiative like The Girl and the Machine and for many other designers, companies and research institutions, local testing facilities and small scale production are very interesting. We called the knitting mill of the future Knit-o-mat. We found a number of partners and are writing a grant application. With joint budgets and a contribution from the government, we can put Knit-o-mat firmly on its feet.

Knit-o-mat Still

 21 May 2017 – Plans for a restart

Our recent experiences are included in the plan for the future of The Girl and the Machine, which aims to build a structurally more sustainable fashion system.

The largest challenge at this current time is:

  • A business plan. The Girl and the Machine still has the status of a project. With the help of the Impact Hub we are now working on a structural approach.
  • A well-functioning online order app, which minimizes the risk of import and calculation errors.
  • A visualisation of the configured garment before it is made.

The knitwear-on-demand concept has interfaces with many interesting areas. The Girl and the Machine is looking for the right partnerships and for a team!

What will our customization-app look like?

12 april 2017 – Evaluation at the factory

Today we visited the manufacturer for the evaluation of the first production round. We looked at the whole process and all of the imperfections, an educational discussion. The outcome: knitwear-on-demand will for the time being remain a challenge, but it fits in our shared vision of the future and we find it very exciting to try.

Before we continue, we will take the errors out of the system and to a small test production round. De candidates for this test are the customers who are part of the 10%, whose 3D knitted garment had not been successful. If after this round it turns out that we have mastered the knitting process, a restart will be getting closer.

10 april 2017 – 90 % succesrate

From the evaluations so far, it appears that the first production round has gone well in 90% of the cases. The garments are on average valued at an 8 out of 10.

This offers perspective, but is not good enough yet. The completed questionnaires provide sufficient inspiration for the improvement of our knitwear and service. And we will make sure to make contact with the 10% that is not satisfied.

4 april 2017 – Salone del Mobile

The Girl and the Machine goes international! Because we were nominated for the New material Award, our samples are traveling with ‘het Nieuwe Instituut’ to the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


 27 March 2017 – Customer satisfaction research

The evaluation forms have been sent out. We are very curious how the customers will asses the quality and the fit of their personalized garment.

1 March 2017 – first production run nearly finished

90% of the orders are delivered!

All unique garments. If people can choose themselves, they almost all choose something different!


 23 January 2017 – the first sweaters

The first sweaters are in! We will quickly get down to labelling, packing and shipping to our first customers.


 14 January 2017 – knitting-data

Most of the knitting data has been programmed. The Machine is running!

The new method is bringing all sorts of start up problems with it, but the manufacturer is happy to make every effort necessary to allow for our concept to emerge and be clear. We are pleased that we have not made any concessions regarding the custom sizing. As a result, we can see how the 100% personalized garment comes out of the Machine.

21 December 2016 – 174 unique knitting-orders

Our young and adventurous manufacturer in Spain has taken on a big mission. His team of programmers, technicians and production women will be producing 174 different and unique garments, for 210 customers!

In preparation, we have converted the customer data to the knitting specifications. Due to the large number of customers we automated this step as much as possible. Based on our calculated customer data, there will be 174 different knitting programs made at the factory, with which the Machine will be driven.

 1 December 2016 – Crowdfunding campaign succesfull!

Our crowdfunding campaign at has ended November 14, 2016. It’s a succes: in less than 30 days we’ve received 31.600 euro in pre-orders! Thank you to all our funders, who enable The Girl and the Machine’s first personalized production run.

The past weeks we have been collecting the measurements and wishes of our 200 first customers. We’ve converted them into technical data and sent it to the producer. We eagerly await the finished pieces so we can start with the labelling, packaging and shipment from our own studio in Amsterdam.

© Lobke Leijser

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